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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is Atheism a Religion?

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  1. This blog did not seem to be too straight forward, and I was unable to follow it..I will have to read it again. However, I beleive that people are born with blank slates. There is no "is there a god, is there not a god" deabte to be had. the concept of god has to be introduced and then based on evidnce or lack of evidence, decided whether it exists or not.

    According to the blog, atheists believe that god does not exist, yet have no proof...this is a faith based belief. Which all religions based. Yet the difference seems to be faith based for or against something. The majority of faiths are based off os something existing, not something "not existing"...right?

    To me this seems to be more of a legal question. The thought that god exists is not the starting point to be proven or disproven. The thought is that you are presenting evidence that something exists...the burden of proof is on you to prove that it exists.

    I would say atheism is like light and dark. Darkness does not is the absence of light. Atheism is not a belief in is the absence of a belief in god.

    But then that seems to open up the can of worms, is atheism then a religion, if it is the absence of everything a religion is based on. As far as government and society is concerned, to get recognition as being a collection of people with the same beliefs, I woudl say yes. Even as Jewish would be considered a religion for the purposes of being able to distinguish and identify.
    I am an atheist...that is my religious view. But really I have no religion (no belief in a god). Yet I do have a collection of thoughts and beliefs to back up my claims, in comparison to people with views asking why I dont believe the way they believe.

    I am not sure what my aim was here, but it was strictly what was going through my head, and I thought I would share.


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