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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Natural Born Atheist

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  1. Actually, no. Children are born without the knowledge of there being a god, they do not judge that there is catagorically no god, as atheism does, nor do they have the capeability to know whether or not there is god. At best children are born agnostic, but they are not born thinking god does not exist.

  2. They do not appear to believe anything at all being born with a clean slate, a tabula rasa.

    Too bad the bible states specifically that we are all born with sin and need his salvation in order to even have a chance at going to heaven. Good luck not being coherent or consistent!

  3. "Children are born without the knowledge of there being a god..."

    Right, and we should be working to keep it that way, if only to spare this planet.

  4. That's your final solution is it? This is your suggestion to build a master race?

  5. Children are born with no belief in god (atheist). If they later believe in god, it is learned. Why is this controversial?


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