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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bill Maher’s Sad Anniversary

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  1. I stumbled across your site and am interested in reading all your blogs...this is the first one I read just because BIll Maher jumped out at me. I have seen Bill Maher a lot, and some people hate him, some people like him...I will actually watch him, agree with some stuff, disagree with some stuff, but I wont, like most people do, not watch him at all because some of the things he says I don't like or agree with. Yes he does stuff to get a rise out of people, he will look at something from a different angle, but that never bothers me. I just hear it, dismiss it, and keep watching.
    Anyway,I do agree that kids should be kids, etc and that it worked for millenia, etc. HOWEVER...the probelm these days is that there is never a good time to discuss or bring those things up. Kids are getting corrupted earlier and earlier, and I would say the one main thing that needs to be done is that your kids need to be reached by you before someone with bad intentions reaches them first. So yes, you may have to steal their childhood away earlier than you woudl have liked, but I think that is jsut the society that we live in today...there are sick twisted individuals that you need to protect and make your children aware of BEFORE it's too late.

    I understand where you are coming from as far as if kids just followed christian principles or common sense, a lot of sexual problems would disappear. The problem is, the church has given a great template on what should be done, and how sexuality should be handled...but how are/should the current state of affairs we have be addressed. You cant just say dont do it, when everyone is doing it and the entire culture is aimed at getting kids to do it. You need to come up with real world solutions to handling the problems that kids have. Not just dont do it, but how to handle the pressure...this is what you are goign to go through, etc.
    I do not beleive in a god, and there are A LOT of things I have issues with concerning christianity. But, the fact is, religion USUALLY is just a good set of laws...a good way for society to exist, get better, fluorish, it is just the absolute must to include some divine power into the conversation. Cant we jsut be good for goodness' sakes. Maher actually had a good point that I still remember...why do people have the need to bring god into the converstaion...can't it jsut be right or wrong, or good or evil and not right or wrong because god says so.

    Look forward to reading more

  2. God is imaginary, HAHAHAHHAHAHHA, The world makes much more sense now!


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