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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher: The Dynamic Duo of Demonstrably Deleterious Delusion, Part 2

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  1. you are one stupid motherfucker. really, do humanity a favor and commit suicide you dumb fuck. it's people like you who'll delay the progress of humanity. seriously, you should just kill yourself and go straight to whatever fictional afterlife you believe in you dumb fuck. i'd kill you myself if it wasn't a waste of my time and energy. again, you like your heaven so much, then go kill yourself.

  2. Anon,
    Thanks for the comment however, I prefer reasoned discourse.

    Since this blog is in stasis you should check out Atheism is Dead where I am now posting regularly.

    Love always and aDios

  3. Are you stupid or what?

  4. Anon,
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Although, you did not engage in reasoned discourse and so I know of what you speak.

    Please visit Atheism is Dead for current posts.



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