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Sunday, July 27, 2008

PZ Myers Complements Christianity

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  1. First off, P Z Myers is making no money of this- he is not, in fact making a living doing this. He is simply showing people value their symbols more than the value what they claim they stand for.

    As for not doing it in front of Muslims... you do it. After all, you obviously believe their beliefs are false and dangerous- heck, I'll chip in for the ticket. But you won't go, will you?

    As for the bible "describing certain facts"... this would be AFTER said discoveries, no? Just like ALL "predicitons". It isn't predicting if you have to search and interpret- it is if you read it before hand and it comes true.

    The bible is ENTIRELY about history- it may not be true, but it is history.

    This is blatantly true in the Old Testament. The New Testament wasn't so much because it wasn't written as a "history of the people", but "Doctrine 101".

    As for complaints of not talking about science... well, that would have convinced scientists it was true.

    As for being the foundation of science... look up the Ionians. They did it first.

  2. Samuel Skinner,
    Good to hear (or read) from you again friend.
    No he did not make money directly from his pranks. He is making money by getting paid to teach science while smuggling atheism in the backdoor and into the science classroom. He, as many atheist activist scientists believe that science and atheism as inseparable. Also, by these sorts of stunts he becomes more popular and gains more paying gigs: interviews, lectures, book deals, etc.

    I do not understand your offer to pay for me to chip in for a ticket to a Muslims country. No, I will not go because I am not like PZ Myers and have absolutely no reason to destroy anything at all much less things that other people revere. I prefer to have a discussion or write down the results of my research. I have been to our local Islamic Center various times - they actually thought that I was a Muslim and when I told them that I am Jewish they said, “We knew you were Semitic!” :o)


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