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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christopher Hitchens - Is Christianity Loved to Death?

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  1. Fortunately is he accepts Jesus as his lord and savior all the killing he does is absolved... you don't find that morally bankrupt?

  2. Samuel Skinner;
    I think that you missed the point by a long shot.
    When, for instance, Mr. Hitchens makes a claim about the contents of the Bible you are supposed to be skeptical, like me, and check out what he is saying. If you do not do so or if you actually just take his word for it then you prove that you are, sadly, like to very many atheist – merely a pseudo-skeptic.

    You presented us with half of the story. Jesus died of all of our sins.

    In your view, if he dies he got away with it. Atheism offers no ultimate justice. He also had fun and became a beloved celebrity doing it. Atheism makes evil even worse.

    By what morality do you condemn killing?
    By what morality do you condemn Christian doctrine?
    By what morality do you condemn anything at all?


  3. Looks like this blog is dead...

  4. Larro,
    Thanks for checking in.
    Indeed, click on the header to this blog and you will see that it is in stasis.
    Further posts on atheism are being placed at Atheism is Dead.



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