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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christopher Hitchens – On the Mutilation of Children’s Genitalia

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  1. All surgury carries the risk of comlications. To carry out a circumcision is no differant- you can screw it up. Not surprisingly, it has happened and babies have died.

    Honestly, aren't you pro-life? Or is hypocricy you 1st level feat? I choose "craft mockery".

  2. Hello Samuel Skinner, nice to hear from you again;
    I am afraid that I do not understand any of your comment.
    Yes, all surgery carries the risk, so should be never perform any surgery?
    Yes, I am pro-life.
    But male circumcision and abortion have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
    You are making a category mistake.

  3. "...I do not understand any of your comment."

    The only thing there is to understand about Samuel's comment is that he has a problem with your religious beliefs. Seeing as he can produce no legitimate criticism regarding your views on circumcision, he is reduced to taking cheap shots and spluttering the incoherence displayed above.

    If, in fact, any babies have died as a result of circumcisions, that number would have to be infinitesimally small -- .0001% or less? -- as circumcision is one of the most common, safest, and least deadly of all medical procedures. Not to mention the health benefits referred to in your post.



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