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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

God Cannot Exist Because Human Beings Invented the Idea of God’s Existence

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  1. Hello, out of curiosity, and following the current news that atheists plan to challenge Irish anti-blasphemy laws, I thought "when was atheism invented?" Considering that we know when Christianity started, because it's written in the Bible, and every year we celebrate it, we know when other religions came about, because they also recorded them in Holy books, but as atheism has no book to verify it's existence, I googled the question, and it led me here. Thankyou for explaining the pointlessness of atheism via Descartes, and how to counter the common atheist agenda - let's not forget that evolution theory has always been twisted in order to destroy something - (see Nazi eugenics) and that the Missing Link IS missing for a very good reason...... ;-) Most insightful.

  2. Blackbird,
    Thank you for your comment and kind words.
    Good question that actually has many answers one of which I would provide presuppositionally:
    It started in the Garden of Eden, in a manner of speaking, when the idea came about, via satan, that we could be like God. If we could be like God then of what use is God?
    I am not stating that Adam and Eve became atheist but that this is may be the seed that gave birth to atheism. In my essay iTheism, I draw this out a bit.
    Also, keep in mind that, for example, Christian were called atheists because they did not believe in the Roman and Greek gods. Overall, there are vestiges of atheism that grew here and there, from ancient Greece to revolutionary France, from Communism to the New Atheists.


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