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Friday, November 28, 2008

Christopher Hitchens – Too Sexy for Abstinence?

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  1. Sex is an act that in of itself is void without love. God is love. If we make judgments on religion based on what you physically see then like anything else you will misjudge a book by its cover. God isn't about rules, regulations, fear, punishment, etc. God is about love. If you want labels-I'm Christian. I read the bible. I practice Catholicism. However, more than anything I know it's not about a building I attend on Sunday, not about a secular news/media/article's viewpoint on the negative results of misguided humans abusing a religions purpose for the sake of worldly and not Godly ends thereafter making their religion look bad, it's not about that. Whether Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Christian---it's about a relationship with God (or it should be) and not about tearing down anything...rather standing up for everything beautiful and right. Personally, I was anti-institution/anti-religion for many years before I got back to where I left off--and what I know now..and continue that reading from the source (for me the bible) and actively learning and questioning (seek and you shall find) and when I began to recognize how ignorant I had been when I objectively unknowingly wrongfully disregarded religion(s) because I much like what it seems you may be saw it as something that tears people apart and classifies things/people as wrong or right. Once you open your eyes, close your mouth, seek & start finding....and start listening (praying is talking to God, meditating is listening) you will see/understand what I mean. Jen~LOTUS

  2. One more thing~ "Abstinence" is sexy! Spirituality and sexuality are fabulously linked/correlated. Economic principles may ring a bell--it's "supply/demand" in your face....the easier it is to get some, the cheaper it is...and ultimately even an atheist can agree--you get what you pay for! One of my first jobs was at home depot in the refunds service area and I would laugh whenever the customer would tell me that he should have known, have gotten the better quality item, and then look me in the face and tell me ---what you think you save for being cheap on quality ends up costing you more!!! So true so true in soo many aspects...and fundamentally the same in real life decisions!!! Chose the fast life, you loose fast! Trying to be a worldly "man" and live the "wild oat sowing" life, then you might end up caught up in an unhealty relationship, have a child with someone you thought you never would have wanted to know of in the long term (or in the alternative, be put in a position of dealing with an abortion which leads to alot of emotional after issues/thoughts), or face diseases (which unlike the ones that you may have no control of) in which BUT FOR your decisions only YOU HAVE yourself to blame for allowing yourself to be put in that position (this is in reference to voluntary consensual sex, not rape of course). Being smarter with your body, your decisions, and most of all being able to make your sexual activity more intimate/special/rare and based on long lasting-life giving (rather than life taking) principles to be shared with that person God has for you is hot! It's sexy! It's beautiful! Why not--if you keep doing what you've always done, then you'll keep getting what you've always got! Jen~LOTUS!


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