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Monday, December 8, 2008

New Atheism – Further Evidence of Its Deleterious Effects, part 1 of 2

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  1. Hitchens is not worth his debaters time. He almost never addresses his opponents arguments even though he knows them long before, to the extent questioning his intelligence. If you can't stay on topic you're not that smart, aren't you?

  2. An "atheist versus theist" debate exists only if one believes "atheism" is some systematic collection of beliefs held in common by those one wishes to identify as "atheist". The term is truly only necessary to one who considers themselves a "theist" to identify those who dismiss claims of a supernatural deity they call "god". I can assure you, the most those one might wish to call "atheist" have in common is they dismiss the claims of those who call themselves "theists". I've not met another so-called "atheist" whose values were the exact same set as mine or whose philosophy was an exact match and I would submit that no two theists are precisely the same in value or belief.

    The "atheism vs. theism" debate is better termed "Primacy of Reason vs. Primacy of Faith" or some such. To know who one is talking to in such a debate, one need ask only one question - In your opinion, what is the source of knowledge and the source of values?" The man or woman of reason will answer quite differently than the man or woman of faith.

    There is no "philosophy of atheism". Although I may be, in some minds, an "atheist", that says nothing about what I DO believe, only what I appear NOT to believe in the mind of a theist.

    If asked, I am a human being, a product of nature through my familial lineage. I value life, fact and reason with a healthy passion.

    If you can spin that somehow into a negative, it says far more of you than of me.

  3. Naumadd;
    Thanks for your comment I appreciate you taking the time to write in.

    I would not consider that “Primacy of Reason vs. Primacy of Faith” would be a better term for an “atheism vs. theism” debate.

    It appears that you are misunderstanding “faith.” The Bible states, “‘Come now, and let us reason together,’ Says the LORD” (Isaiah 1:18). Biblical faith is trust, it is an end result, it is the conclusion of a logical inference.

    However, according to a typical misdefinition of faith, atheists are not free from being labeled “faithful” or “faithfilled.”

    As to your “If asked” statements and you final sentence I must state that I do not acquiesce to arguments from embarrassment, intimidation or ridicule.

    You listed a set of assertions and while I do not have a “spin” I do wonder if you have anything upon which your positions are founded:
    How do you know that you are “a product of nature”?
    Why do you “value life, fact and reason”? (I assume that you are pro-life).



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